What is the difference between Microgreens and Sprouts?
Our microgreens are planted in rich soil and given lots of light and fresh air, while sprouts are seeds that are germinated in water, never grow in soil, and are kept in low light conditions with high humidity. Since our Microgreens are grown in soil, carefully watered, and cut for harvest well above the soil line they avoid the health risks associated with sprouts. The extra time and light we give our microgreens concentrates their flavor while keeping the delightful delicate texture. Microgreens have more fiber than sprouts and are nutritional powerhouse versions of the adult plant. Studies show that they are packed with four to forty times the nutrition of their adult counterparts! They are perfect for a quick snack, in sweet or savory dishes, in smoothies, omelets, as a salad, tossed on a pizza, or piled on a sandwich. All our plants are grown with no pesticides, herbicides, or any nasty chemicals. 
There are so many health benefits of microgreens that we could go on all day! But we'll limit ourselves to a few:

1. Microgreens are so cute and easy! Okay, that's not really a health benefit but (wait for it), it does make them appealing to grown-ups and kids so that they'll eat the "Good Stuff" their bodies need and they are so quick and easy to use that folks can easily eat them more often. In this case, there is a health benefit to cute and simple!
2. Micros are heart-healthy. It's good news that plant-based foods like microgreens have the potential to lower blood pressure! Keep doing what your doc says but treat your body right with nutrient-rich microgreens and other plant-based food.
3. According to a study published in the Future of Oncology, a compound in broccoli microgreens has the potential to target cancer stem cells. Food that heals is pretty amazing!

4. Microgreens are a rich source of prebiotic fiber that can stimulate the growth of good intestinal bacteria.